Teksty piosenek / J / Jadakiss

  Baby keep ya head up

  Big business


  Commercial (part 2)

  Could it be


  Feel Me (Skit)

  Fuckin' Or What?

  Fuckin or what

  I'm A Gangsta

  It's Time I See You


  Jada's got a gun

  Jay jerkin (skit)

  Just like that

  Keep Ya Head Up

  Kiss Is Spittin'

  Kiss of death

  Knock Yourself Out

  My name is kiss

  Nasty Girl

  None Of Y'All Betta

  On My Way

  Put Ya Hands Up

  Ruff ryders anthem (remix)

  Show Discipline

  Thug kiss of death


  Un hunh

  We Gonna Make It

  We gonna make it (remix)

  What You Ride For?

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