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Itchycoo - Piercing to my soul

Tekst piosenki:

   Verse 1
  From this moment on until the end
  I guess I´ve known it from the start
  From this experience I can´t pretend
  It used to tear me apart
  All of my secrets were taking control
  Like piercing to my soul
  I feel it when I breath
  There is no other way to be me
  And it cuts right to the bone
  To find out what I need
  I see all the reasons I bleed
  Piercing to my soul
  Verse 2
  In time I´ll find a way to carry on
  But some things will never change
  What doesn´t kill you only makes you strong
  To stumble and fall is not that strange
  To learn all the secrets it´s part of the role
  For the rest of my life, I´m gonna be with you
  All this time I´ve been doing this for you
  I´ve tried so hard, I know that I still do

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