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Itchycoo - Don't let yourself down

Tekst piosenki:

   Verse 1
  It would be nice to see you
  I know you feel the same
  Thereīs a place within my heart
  You have been there from the start
  Time has been on my side
  But it seemed to pass you by
  I have made it ‘til today
  You got lost along the way
  Tomorrowīs just an easy word to say
  Itīs your choice, itīs your call, itīs your heart, your soul
  Donīt let yourself down
  Itīs your world, itīs your turn, to make up your life
  Donīt let yourself down
  Verse 2
  I wondered what got in to you
  We stood on solid ground
  Itīs hard to make a change when you donīt wanna play the game
  Itīs easier to find someone to blame
  No matter where you go, no matter what you do
  Iīm gonna catch you when you fall, I will be there for you
  And when your world comes crashing in, Iīm gonna keep you on the ground
  Donīt let yourself down

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