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Itchycoo - Don't go stupid

Tekst piosenki:

   Verse 1
  So whatīs the story of your life
  Were you too young to be his wife
  You feel delirious
  Well to me itīs obvious
  Donīt go stupid
  ‘Cause Iīve been there and had it and done it
  Donīt go stupid
  None of the words you said doesnīt make much sence
  Youīll better find a better way
  Donīt go stupid
  Verse 2
  He flips your mind with all his charm
  How can you laugh with a twisted arm
  So you found your highschool dream
  Things arenīt always what they seem
  Iīve been down that road I took that trip
  and I know just where itīs going
  Itīs so high at first but itīs fading fast
  and your sinking without knowing

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