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Itchycoo - Crash course in love

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   Verse 1
  Why should I even bother
  Tomorrow´s just another yesterday
  A constant fight to get through
  But still we´re in to deep to run away
  It´s not a game we play
  We always push, and shove
  A slow crash course in love
  We try to rise, above
  To know what´s it´s made of
  I know somehow, someway
  It´s all about today
  This is a slow,
  Crash course in love
  Verse 2
  Can´t walk the straight and narrow
  Cause only losers take the easy way
  We let our faults define us
  We feed our demons, but we’re still ok
  Heaven is hell to pay
  We push
  We shove
  We crash

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