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Itchycoo - Come undone

Tekst piosenki:

   Verse 1
  I wanna tell you but I´m in too deep
  I know you hear me when I´m in my sleep
  And all this time you´ve been here
  You come on harder I forget my name
  So far I´m cool, we turn out the same
  Please come out and let me know
  So tell me what I´m feeling when I look around
  What´s been going on, what´s been said and done
  Tell me am I dreaming tell me what is right
  Open up my eys help me through these lies
  Quit these lies? Let me come undone
  Verse 2
  I´m going crazy but I like your style,
  You´re doing things that makes me lose my mind
  Wonder what´s going on
  I hear you talking about the things you do
  And then I feel like I´m a part of you
  Please come out and let me know
  Come undone,oh,oh, oh,
  Come undone

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