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Itchycoo - Bend your love

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   Verse 1
  My friends keep telling me to let you go
  They say you´re bringing out the devil in me
  Is this the way our life´s supposed to be
  Then I ain´t playing
  I´m sick of your exuses
  I don´t wanna be alone anymore
  And wait at the door
  It´s not your mamma´s love that keeps you standing buy your lies
  Maybe your daddy should have kicked your ass and taught you right
  Unless the stars collide and cows come falling from the sky
  You´ve gotta bend your love
  You´ve gotta bend your love
  Verse 2
  You´ll say you take me to a fancy bar
  Instead we end up playing pool with your friends
  You´re always polishing your freaky car
  And I just hate it
  I wish that I could get inside your head
  and change a braincell or two
  I think that would do

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