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Israel Vibration - You never know

Tekst piosenki:

   You never ... you never know.
  You muma never teach you back a yard.
  So when YOU left and come abroad, now.
  You start to holler, say it hard.
  You even call on Jah Lord's name.
  Cause you a look little fame. / But you lost at your own game.
  Things doesn't seem the same. / You've got no one to blame.
  And I know that did have fe go now.
  And although I know the vibes still have to flow.
  Find yourself in another land.
  Caught up in a different situation.
  Man you've got to work a plan. / To survive in this ya society.
  Most people living inna poverty.
  Open your eyes and surely you will see.
  What to be just got to be. / You got to stand and face reality.
  You never know ... you never know.
  Don't be like a sitting duck. / Waiting your time to get pluck.
  Make your move and try to improve.
  Hold your head up and trod as a man.
  Don't get stuck in the muck. / Try your luck
  Make a lot of bucks.
  Make your move and try to improve.
  You left from you yard. And you reach up abroad.
  You never know what a gwan back a yard.
  The system have you moving so slow.
  Sometimes you want to let go.
  Having it so hard ... since you left from your yard.

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