Israel Vibration - Terrorist

Tekst piosenki:

   John is a youth growing up in the ghetto.
  He never trouble no one.
  He went to school, and was taught the rule,
  Of how not to be a fool.
  He knows the streets the corners, and the lanes,
  Where pebbles just a shower like rain,
  And with all of that he wasn't involve,
  for that's not his problem to solve
  No, no. no, no, no
  So he walked away, away, away
  And headed up the road
  There he met his brethren
  So they start to reason
  About what was taking place
  Right in front of their very face.
  Terrorist crawl in
  And it's a awful scene
  Blood and fire, vapours of smoke
  And I know that's not a joke.
  See it a gwaan down the lane
  Watch how the people them a run up and down.
  All over
  Two man make a dip
  Then they ease the tool off their hip
  So they release the clip
  Shot start fly
  Man and woman a run up and down
  All over town
  See it deh now

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