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Israel Vibration - Struggling youth

Tekst piosenki:

   My heart cries out to see how the youths them
  In a land that was made so free, for you and me,
  for you and me
  The greed of some have become so high
  Causing so many to die
  While others though they find it so hard they're still
  Making a try, you can see it everyday
  You rise early in the morning / To find the same old thing
  Then you start to image, what the rest of the day may
  Bring to you, may bring to you
  So you make a trod about / And return without a thing
  And them kind of something make you really have to
  Think, it make you really have to think
  For when you turn to the right
  Things doesn't seem so bright / Then you turn to the left
  Temptation lead you to a theft / So you look up in the sky
  You hold your head and wonder why
  Then you look down on the ground
  Give thanks you're still around
  Give Jah thanks to know you're still around
  So how then in a land where there's plenty
  So many people still remain hungry
  They have it so hard / O, man it ain't easy
  They have it so hard
  Some of them turn to robbery--woooooo
  My heart cries out, to see how the youths them
  In a land that was made so free for you and me
  For you and me / O why won't you be
  Let them, let them go, let them loose, they need to
  Be free
  Don't you try to slow them down O, A
  Let them go, let them go, let them loose.

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