Israel Vibration - Make it work

Tekst piosenki:

   Yo...Yo...Ayo...Right Ayo
  Better get ourselves together
  We gwaan have to get ourselves together
  Cause that's the only way it's going to work
  Get up, stand up make we get ourselves together
  Cause only we alone gonna make things work
  Dont forget where you coming from
  Dont forget where you coming from
  Things was so cool back in primary school
  Set upon woodbench and we take in the rule
  Just because political strategy me and my idren becomes enemy
  Remember when we used to run boat(cook) in a de ghetto
  Cockburn Pen
  Two green banana, couple cornmeal flour
  That a Kingston eleven
  And when we're donw we have fe drink up the potwater
  That was your tea, lunch, dinner and supper
  That's why I saywe got to get ourselves together
  River come down and bring abroad dirty water
  Don't burn your bridge after you cross over
  Don't forget were we're coming from
  Dont forget where we're coming from

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