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Israel Vibration - Live and give

Tekst piosenki:

   Verse 1
  Put yourself in my possition
  Try to make the right decision
  And you will see
  I try to talk, you slam the door
  You leave your shadow on the floor,
  So easily, pushing me
  You always say you´re right,
  but then again
  If I were you, and you were me
  I wouldn´t come on like a killer bee
  And we would know, when to let go
  Cause it´s hard to smell the flowers,
  If you come on like a,
  Killer bee
  Verse 2
  It´s all about the things we do ‘cause,
  I am me, and you are you
  am I getting through
  And all the things I say to you,
  they don´t come out as I want them to
  I open up, you suffocate
  And when I need you close you walk away
  If you could see yourself through my eyes
  and feel the things I´m going through
  If I could walk around in your shoes
  Then I would know just what to do
  If I were you...
  If you were me...
   Live and give
  The best of your ability
  Live and forgive
  Your Brothers
  And your Sisters
  And if you don't forgive
  How do you expect
  To be forgiven
  For the many wrongs
  Of which you have done
  Causing so many people
  Not to have no fun, ay
  Live and give etc.
  Even on a daily basis
  Pure tribal conflict
  Sometimes for a vial of crack
  Another time
  It's a criminal act
  Can't you see
  There is something lacking
  What abour your
  Black black love
  That is coming from afar
  Can't afford to lose out now
  Down inna babylon
  Live and give (etc )

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