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Israel Vibration - Lailhouse rocking

Tekst piosenki:

   Jailhouse rocking...jailhouse rocking
  Prisoner chanting cause thay want to come out
  It's been a long time
  My brothers and my sisters
  I've been taken away for such a long time
  Locked behind the bars in Spanish town
  Locked behind the bars in Richman farm
  Locked behind the bars in Fort Augustus
  Said I know what you're going through
  Said I know what you're feeling too
  Though I know a lot of you are innocent
  Serving the time of a convicted prisoner
  Jailhouse rocking...jailhouse
  Prisoners chanting for they want to come out
  Jailhouse rocking..jailhouse
  Look and take a stock
  So when the youths come check you for work to do
  The reply is tellin' them "I can't help you"
  Look upon their feet , not even a shoe to wear
  Look upon their rainment, all you see is tear
  How do you think they gonna survive
  Guess you should have known by now
  They'll be robbin, stabbin, looting in the street
  And I know each and veryone needs to eat
  They'll be robbin, stabbin, shootin all over
  And I tell you that it happens on the corner
  Jailhouse rocking...jailhouse rocking
  Look and take a stock
  So many times jailers guys come down on you all
  With their baton stick and a whole lot of licks
  Jailhouse rock...jailhouse rock...jailhouse rock
  Prisoners chanting for they want to come out

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