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Israel Vibration - Find something to do

Tekst piosenki:

   Don't just sit and confuse your mind
  Turn yourself around and make use of the time
  For you know time wait for no one
  Therefore I think you should go along
  Don't be a stock sitting on the shelf
  Make a move and try to help yourself
  Sometimes things may not look so well
  They're people who will give you hell
  So make a move for time will tell
  Or else you won't have a place to dwell
  I'm telling you, you've got to find something to do
  I'm telling you, these words are true
  Don't you doubt yourself / Put your first foot forward
  And so you keep onward / O yes, try your very best
  O yes, to overcome the test and the pest
  Don't get carried away, by things others may say
  Remember you've got the last say
  Evil force is there to lead you astray
  I'm not saying someone can't give you a hand
  But it's best to organize along your own plan
  Go along and do it, go along and do it.
  Man and man should work from a scheme
  And come to pass will be their dream
  Along life path you'll always see positive way o, now
  Go long, go long, go do it, woooo
  Stay in the right way, o, o, o, yea evil force is there
  To take you to, to take you astray

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