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Israel Vibration - Babylon by bus

Tekst piosenki:

   Trodding through your area, Babylon by bus.
  Jah say teach the people well. Unite, them righteous.
  No time to argue or debate.
  Love and unity will trod from state to state.
  Teach your children-- black, brown and white.
  So when they grow up, they love and unite.
  AU them drugs gonna keep them low.
  Give them food, clothes and shelter, let them grow.
  Don't fight children. Black, brown, white you must start
  We a Jab bless children. Throw away racial fuss and fighting.
  Cause when we irie, we fit so tightly.
  And there's no one who can come between we.
  Open your eyes and look within.
  Are your dreams of love and happiness fulfilling?
  Homeless people. Hungry children.
  It's a breeding ground for crime, you got to help them.
  low and sharing.
  Black, brown, white, no more false pretending.
  It's togetherness children.
  Truth and rights I and I defending.
  Some don't want us to live together.
  All they want is to see us kill each other.
  So them a plot and so them scheme-
  Causing racial riot, deadly bloody scene.
  Do you want that? Do you want this?
  Then forward up yourself and don't resist this.
  jab love feeling. Black, brown, white-what a lovely feeling.
  It's togetherness children.
  Feel so good you want to touch the ceiling.

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