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Inspirial Carpets - Two worlds collide

Tekst piosenki:

   I steal to feed
  I fight to breathe
  Through hunger not greed
  I find these days
  It’s the only way
  I can survive
  What have I done with my life
  Is this the end
  When two worlds collide
  In this dusty city
  With all the Gods on the hill
  Will not one of them help us
  The temple which we built
  Is an empty shell
  The people who I see
  Scurrying in the streets
  Oblivious to our needs
  I wonder sometimes
  How so many could be so blind
  Today I stole the sun from the sky
  The colour from the heart of a rose
  Today I took food from the hand of a starving child
  I guess that makes me a bad man (3)

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