Inspirial Carpets - Sackville

Tekst piosenki:

   You once had a home and job, a family and pride
  But we all have a price we’ll pay when things go wrong
  Don't wear diamonds, and now you don't wear gold
  And in the bruises on your face there's stories to be told
  In the shadow of a cold stone, freezing to the bone
  But you keep a warm fire burning in your soul
  Cause you’re gonna spend a black night, console a sad man
  In a hungry city with a million hungry hearts
  When you stand in Sackville
  It's a different world from the one
  You knew where little boys meet little girls
  As you tread your path, through a jaundiced corridor
  Where each day has no beginning and no end
  There are those out here, who claim to be good
  I suspect that Jesus holidayed in hell
  What you’d do for a hot drink, or a warm coat
  Or what you’d give for a means to get you outta here
  It rains upon your head
  Lines on your face become rivers into which you cry your
  Secret tears, secret tears, secret tears, secret tears
  The first night we saw you, we were laughing at you
  We were hanging on the side of the Cortina
  Oh yeah, you seemed so strong
  Stronger than a man could ever be
  Laughing with your sisters in the rain
  Dancing on a curbstone, when you last saw her
  But when the trick goes wrong
  there's no one there to help there
  There's not a thing that I can do about it
  I guess I’ll just go home and write a song about it song
  about it
  Write about it (2)
  It's a cold and trembling girl leans into a strange car
  Nods unspoken words to an unseen driver sitting there

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