Inspirial Carpets - Lovegrove

Tekst piosenki:

   I’m going to tear your carefree world
  Apart at the seams
  Headoffice want to know if you’re a gambling man
  Is this just a crazy dream ?
  The law want to know of your paid debt
  This is not a mind game
  So let me take this matter in hand sir
  Give me the tools of the trade
  I don’t think I’m superstitious
  But here mistakes are made
  There’s someone in this rotten plan
  Who’s been acting as though he’s me
  Like a drink ? I’d rather not
  He’s a fit as a flea
  The mission today is top secret
  A palne to catch
  To a far off land
  Here is your identity so take the job in hand
  The ubiquitous Mr Lovegrove
  You didn’t get me here for time wasting
  You know you must watch yourself
  You know why you play these dangerous games
  You know it’ll end in grief
  You know I won’t meet your generous demands
  You know every poet’s a thief

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