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Inspirial Carpets - Lost in space

Tekst piosenki:

   Hi there beautiful friends
  Missing you so much you wouldn't believe
  Have done since I went await the
  Never missed someone this much for a long time
  Strange but I guess it's the way that it goes
  My world becomes smaller
  My loneliness grows
  Minding my soul I'm wiping with pain
  Guess that I'm just lost in space again
  Cold hanging around
  And the news on the gauges
  On the panels is spinning around
  And I'm feeling like Joe on the road
  But these days I have to contend
  With a rocket from home
  Man a world full of people
  But never felt this way
  Job hazard I guess are the start at the end more or less
  As conscience begins to deceive us
  As I stare at the ocean between us
  "My God it's full of stars!"

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