Inspirial Carpets - Joe

Tekst piosenki:

   All that I possess
  Is my existance and faith more or less
  Children on the pave
  Mind if I would help me through the day
  This bar of cigarettes
  For which my heart will leap, and live and laugh
  A debt to you my friend
  I owe but I'm afraid I can't repay
  Because I'm Joe
  Street my place my home
  Place to place I like to roam
  Cold wind blows right through my bones
  Cold wind blows right through my bones
  This my barrow I gave away
  There’s a muslim who voodoo we do every day
  This soldier across the sea
  But now the maker wages war on me
  This heart is still so proud
  Of all the things the soldier once achieved
  But when you brake man
  No one wants to know what cause such things

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