Teksty piosenek / I / Inspirial Carpets

  A little dissappeared

  All of this and more

  Beat inside

  Besides me

  Biggest mountain

  Bitches brew


  Born yesterday




  Directing traffic

  Dragging me down

  Find out why


  Further away


  Gimme shelter

  Going down


  Halfway there

  Here comes the flood

  How it should be

  I don't want to go blind

  I know i'm losing you

  I'll keep it in mind

  I'm alive

  Inside my head

  Inside of you

  Irresistible force

  It's only a paper moon

  I want you


  Just wednesday

  Keep the circle around

  Lost in space


  Many happy returns


  Monkey on my back




  Out of time


  Party in the sky

  Please be cruel


  Rain song

  Real thing


  Saturn 5


  Seeds of doubt

  She comes in the fall

  Sleep well tonight

  Smoking her clothes

  Song for a family

  St. Kilda

  Sun don't shine

  Tainted love

  Theme from devil hopping

  The way the light falls

  The wind is calling your name

  This it how it feels

  Two cows

  Two worlds collide



  We can do everything

  Well of seven heads

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki