Inspection 12 - Weirdo

Tekst piosenki:

Body piercing, lots of gross tattoos.
  Fishnet stockings, hair dyed black and blue.
  Well it's the way that you look
  It couldn't possibly be you.
  Have you always been like that?
  Oh no? Well then I got some news.
  You're a weirdo hope you don't take no offense.
  You're a weirdo, it's the world that you're against.
  In case you haven't noticed no one really thinks it's cool.
  That you're a weirdo.
  White powdered face and a black coat with a hood.
  If you're a vampire come and suck my blood.
  With your crosses upside down
  and those black orchids that you grew.
  I don't support the anti-christ,
  but if I did I'd turn to you.

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