Inspection 12 - Photograph

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Sixteen. You looked like a photograph.
  Pristine. I still recall when I saw you.
  And I still see you standing there. Yea I still see you.
  That was then. This is now.
  And I often wonder how I've held myself together for so long.
  Honor was lost. Rumors were true
  What came through town and wiped out everyone I knew?
  I won't break down. No, not this time.
  That faded photograph's not yours. It's mine.
  You knew me better than anyone.
  Is it me who's changed or is it everyone?
  But I still see you. This distance makes us closer.
  By my side. I Tell myself that I still see you
  Even though I'm broke in two ways
  Empty hands a different face
  I might as well just change my name and leave this town.
  I think anonymity's what's needed now.
  I won't be a martyr. It's too overrated.
  Where the hell's that picture I've always wanted painted?
  I may not have the answer. All I really need is time
  And I may never find it out
  But I'll be damned if I won't try.
  It's not so bad. There's still a few.
  It must have been my eyes distorting everyone I knew.
  I won't break down. No, Not this time.
  This faded photograph's not yours.
  Thanks to Ali ( for these lyrics

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