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Inspection 12 - Out of My League

Tekst piosenki:

How are you today?
  Me-I'm not doin' so well
  Been out here lost for days,
  In a dirt motel
  I'm not the only one
  I've got a friend over there
  Starin' at the sun
  Somewhere I went wrong
  I wanna take it back
  I'm now looked down upon
  Cause I'm livin' in a sack
  I'm still a human being
  So could you spare me change
  A change by means
  I'm not the only one
  Singing this tune
  Walkin' down the streets
  Society vision smeared
  Something picture perfect
  Has become unclear
  Immaculate thoughts oppresed
  They've pushed me down with no regrets

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