Inspection 12 - Nixon Love

Tekst piosenki:

These days every-ones confessing
  And I find it
  Quite depressing
  I wont bother
  With indignance
  I can't find a girl with whom to fall in love with
  My friends tell me
  It's a hassle
  She'll leave you cause
  "Your an asshole!"
  Then they'll call you
  Say, "I'm sorry"
  And then ask you what you think you'll do tomorrow.
  Well, I have never been in love
  I guess I'm not lucky enough
  I have never been in love before
  Well, perhaps I've
  Almost been there
  Once this girl came out of thin air
  I liked her lots
  But it stopped there
  Cause if loves a one way street its goin no where

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