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Inspection 12 - I'm Fine, I Can Drive

Tekst piosenki:

Here lies everything I've ever done.
  Up 'til now I've fully misconstrued.
  Here lie all the lies I've ever told.
  First and foremost to myself, and then to you.
  Here lies every fifth I've ever killed
  so all the guts I never spilled can be poured out.
  Here lie all the doubts I've ever had.
  Now that I'm sure it makes me glad.
  See, Someone was right, and someone was wrong.
  I'm giving up this fight. It's time to move on.
  I'm fine; I can drive. Point me to 95.
  Expect a tragedy - how it changes everything.
  Dear mom, you should know my life's on the radio.
  Here lies every back I've ever turned
  because every bridge I've ever burned will be rebuilt.
  Here lies every fist I've ever thrown
  at every friend I've ever known. I take it back.
  And here's to each time I've run into you.

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