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Inspection 12 - Hear Anything?

Tekst piosenki:

June 15th and ever since it's begun to make more sense.
  It'll do you good. It'll serve you well.
  Is it what you want? Is it hard to tell?
  If it were up to me I'd send you packing.
  When in your life were you quite as happy?
  And he'll run. And he'll jump through the hoops
  And it's all that he can do not to fall on his face.
  I know for one that I'm inspired. You single-handedly braved the fire.
  The crowd asked questions. We told the truth.
  "Who the hell is that?" "That's Mick Mars!" "From Motley Crue?"
  So there you go...don't be so prudent.
  Look to your soul. There's something to it-
  You can see through it. Just listen to it.
  Something dwells inside us all. It surface before too long.
  And this determines fate so we must choose according to our hearts.
  This is yours and it shows on your face and I've seen it all along.
  It's your love. I should know.
  But you turn your head and walk away
  To give up any chance of reaching goals-fufilling dreams
  If I were you I'd listen to my heart.
  Thanks to Ali (ali10585@hotmail.com) for these lyrics

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