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Inspection 12 - Coup De Grace

Tekst piosenki:

The defintion of humanity appears to be what you adore.
  Well, if the meaning hasn't changed at all,
  then there's no such thing as human anymore.
  And while it seems so far from sanity,
  you give yourself away without regret.
  You can't be cold to anyone at all
  when strangers are just friends you haven't met.
  Don't make me believe you and just maybe I'll want to.
  You're suffocating the only thing you love.
  Of all trials and tribulations I've been through
  these are the worst of them I swear.
  But they're all inferior when compared to You.
  Only trust the one whom you most fear.
  They're running away. Who's laughing now?
  Well, I do every day. The coup de grace.
  If it's your loss, then it's my gain so...
  Don't make me believe you. Don't make me believe.

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