Teksty piosenek / I / Inspection 12

  A Better Friend

  A Better Friend



  Alden Howell

  Bad Mentality

  Caving In

  Close to Nothing

  Coup De Grace



  Down The Drain

  Dried Roses



  Feelin' Like Freddie

  French Subtitles

  Great Scott!

  Hear Anything?

  Here I Am

  Hindsight 20/20



  I Hate Soap Operas

  I Hate Soap Operas

  I'm Fine, I Can Drive

  Immortal Beloved (Immortal)

  Intentions Never Waive

  In The Dark

  I Think We're Alone Now


  Labels are for Cans

  Labels Are For Cans

  Leave It to Me (Paula Wasn't Completely Right)

  Nixon Love

  Nothing To Lose

  Nothing To Lose



  Only Human

  Out of My League

  Out of My League



  Post Mortem

  Reckoned Wrong

  Reckoned Wrong

  Red Letter Day

  Remnants of You

  Seceret Identity


  Sonata #12

  So Sadly it Goes

  St. Elmo's Fire

  Sweet Sixteen



  The Naked At School Dream

  To the Victor go the Spoils

  Vanity Fiar


  What You See Is What You Get

  Worlds 1-1, 1-2

  You Can Call Me Al

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