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Insania - On the edge

Tekst piosenki:

   Lonely children they cry, out of the dark
  but why don’t we hear
  The world we leave ‘em behind is droning in blood
  that’s spilled in a war
  And we get used of terror in here
  we only close our eyes
  All our stories and lies
  of fairess and love, I’m tired to hear
  words and numbers we write in letters of blood
  that shine on the wall
  This world is full of horror and fear
  why do we close our eyes
  White against yellow, red against black
  left against right, all fight
  Hunger, war and death are daily news
  people suffer in neverending cries
  All you children stop cryin’, get out of the dark
  Nevermore would you run and loose again
  your apin will fade away, get out of the dark
  Don’t look behind you, ain’t gonna stop you
  a new generation is born
  Children stop cry - out of the dark
  pain fade away - out of the dark
  don’t look behind you

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