Teksty piosenek / I / Insania

  Angels in the sky

  As the candle melts away

  Awaiting the dark

  Beware of the dragons

  Beyond the other side

  Born to lose

  Broken hero

  Carried by wings

  Children of a lesser god

  Dangerous mind

  Darkest night

  Eye to eye


  Fighting my tears


  Forever alone

  Forever bound

  Forever is a long time

  For you

  Furious seas


  Heading for tomorrow

  Heart on fire

  Heaven or hell

  House of cards


  Last prayer

  Long distance

  Lost in time


  No more lies

  One more one less

  On the edge


  Pictures of yesterday


  Private 6-machine

  Seasons in hell

  Seasons of life

  Slowly we rot

  Streets of madness

  Sunrise in riverland

  Sweet destroyer

  Tears of the nature

  The land of the wintersun

  The pretender

  The silence

  Time of the prophecies

  Twelve bottles


  Winter of mind

  With courage and pride

  World of ice

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki