Insane Clown Posse - Super Balls

Tekst piosenki:

  "Yeah you give sax lessons. Why not to spend the night? I am only to
  spend the night? I play music of the night. No no I'm not awake in
  the day. Read my lips scary. Aww man why you guys in the goddamn
  Yellow Pages then the fuckin the goddamn what's it no it's the
  Weekly. In paranthasees 'No gig too scary'. And that's just what I am.
  Look up in the sky it's a bird it's a plane
  Nah, bitch, Super Balls, is the name
  And I come from a far away planet
  Southwest Del Ray, goddamn it!
  And it's the land of the smog-filled maniacs
  Super Balls, and concrete nutsacs
  You know that fat lady skank that always bothers you
  I'm here to fuck her, yo, that's what I do
  So tell me where the hoes is at
  The fat loopy bitches with the lumpy backs
  Super Balls ain't scared of a fuckin' thing
  Hold your belly up and I'll stick you with my Super Wang
  So, who's next, the bitch with the rubber eye
  It won't shut, and now she can't find a guy
  It scared everybody off, so I guess my duty calls
  BITCH!!!!!!!!!! Call me Super Balls
  Ain't no bitch to fat
  Ain't no bitch to whack
  Ain't no bitch to ugly
  For Super Balls, woowoo!
  I met a girl looked a lot like a turkey
  So I fucked her and her neden went bublabublabubla
  Cuz I could give a motherfuck about looks
  I just jock up another one for the books
  I know this bitch fat round like a beachball
  You can roll her up, and bounce her off the wall
  We played ball, shoot hoops, she can hold steady
  Then I stick my dick down in the fat patty
  Just cuz no one calls your home
  Don't mean that you're all alone
  Just call Super Balls to the rescue
  Now here's what I'm a do
  I might stick my big toe in your butthole
  And then tickle your neden with my other toes
  Ugly bitches in need, I crash through their walls
  Big daddy J Violent Super Balls
  Ain't no bitch to fat (yeah, motherfucker)
  Ain't no bitch to whack (better ask somebody)
  Ain't no bitch to ugly
  For Super Balls, woowoo!
  "It's a bright mid-summer day in Metropolis, and there's not much
  news fit to televise at Galaxy Communications. Where, in his
  office, Clark Kent is monitoring the twelve o'clock news."
  "Uh uh, it goes thump thump thumpin against your clit"
  "Harder, harder!"
  "Lois Lane, ace reporter for Galaxy Communications, opens Clark's
  door and looks in."
  "When the hell do I get something out of this?"
  It's down, it's down with the clown
  Fuck fat bitches and charge by the pound
  I gets paid and I bought a new Lexus
  Cuz I fucked a bitch bigger than Texas (yeeehaw!!)
  Super Balls don't care where his nuts at
  One night, I found em in your mom's butt crack
  You was playin Nintendo upstairs
  I had my dick stickin in your mom's butt hairs
  Granny walked in, puffing on a jay
  "Pfft, my pussy's turning grey"
  She asked if I would mind dipping in the sugar walls
  I said it ain't no thing for Super Balls
  Super Balls is in the motherfucking house!!!
  Ain't no bitch to fat
  Ain't no bitch to whack
  Ain't no bitch to ugly
  For Super Balls, woowoo!

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