Insane Clown Posse - Love Song

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  Love Song
  "Hello and welcome back to Pillow Talk
  I hope you're with your bitch
  Cuz it's time to get cozy with the ICP
  So wind back with a sparkling glass of Faygo
  While Violent J tells you the poetry
  That just makes the bitches melt
  Only on WLUV"
  "Hello baby
  I was thinking about you
  So I wrote this song
  I like to dedicate this to the love
  That has expressed from you and I
  So just sit back and enjoy"
  [Violent J]
  Eh, yo, bitch, come over here and let me kick it to ya
  Tried to stick my nuts in ya then I never knew ya
  Cuz your ugly and you know you can't hide that
  So what you look like a chicken with a hunchback
  Oh, it doesn't matter that you from down south
  If you talk like it, I'm a smack you in your mouth
  Bitch, I admit it, I'm quick to hit a woman hey
  But that's okay, cuz bitch, I'm Violent J
  And I'm a southwest mack daddy juggalo
  And you're nothing but a two-bit stankin' ho
  But I love you and I hope you realize that
  I don't care about the hair growing out your back
  Smoking that blunt, drink some Mad Dog through the night
  And your ugly bitch turns into Karen White
  And I stick my wing-wang in the middle
  I like a filthy-ass ho, the kind that make your nuts shrivle
  [Chorus (2x)]
  Bitch, I'm knocking at your door
  Let me get some neden, ho
  Bitch, you're ugly, that's okay
  I'm finna hit it anyway
  [Violent J]
  I guess you want me to take you on a big date
  But what you're saying don't sound all that straight
  All I wanna do is feel your butt and squeeze your titties
  Cuz I can't feed your fat ass on a buck fifty
  Let's make love my sweet little dove
  I wouldn't get near that neden without a glove
  Cuz it's rats and spiders up in there
  Hittin that'll take the curl out your nut hairs
  I smack your tittie and claps when it hits the other
  But I don't want em clappin too loud it'll wake your mother
  Bitches always front like they don't wanna let you hit
  But then they always screamin banshees when you gettin with it
  So don't fake the funk, I'm nothing but a ghetto punk
  All I'm trying to do is stick you in your fat rump
  So get the fuck out them dirty-ass drawers
  And come and twist my balls cuz I love you
  [Chorus (5x)]
  "You and I both know
  That I've been wrong to you in the past
  And I know that I love you
  All I wanna do is slide my wang into your neden
  I wanna hit that neden so damn hard
  Let my nuts bang on your anus
  That's my only true desire
  I feel for you, I think for you
  I breathe for you
  All I want is a little neden
  Ya know, everyday when the wind blows
  All I hear is my nuts flapping against your booty, ho
  And that's all I ever want
  And that's all I ever dreamed of
  That is you and your neden, bitch"

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