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Insane Clown Posse - Halls Of Illusions

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[Violent J]
  Ticket please, thanks, walk through the door
  Into the Halls Of Illusions, visit yours
  And see what coulda and shoulda and woulda been real
  But you had to fuck up tha whole deal
  "Lets take a walk down the hallway
  It's a long way it, it takes all day!"
  And when you get to tha end, you'll find a chair
  With straps and chains, we slap you in there
  Lock you down tight so you can't move a thread
  And pull your eyelids up over your head
  Cuz you're about to witness an illusionary dream
  It's just to bad it ain't what it seems
  [Shaggy 2 Dope]
  You walk in and see two kids on the floor
  They playin Nintendo and he's got tha high score
  And sittin behind them chillin in a chair
  Is your wife, when ya look, oh, you ain't there
  It's some other man in the hand in hand
  Now she looks so happy you don't understand
  See this is an illusion, it never came true
  All because of you!
  [Violent J]
  Back to reality and what you're about
  Your wife can't smile cuz ya knocked her teeth out
  And she can't see straight from gettin hit
  Cuz you're a fat fuckin drunk piece of shit
  But it's all good here, come have a beer
  I'll break the top off it and shove it in ya ear
  And you're death comes wicked painful and slow
  At tha hands of MILENKO!
  [Chorus (2x)]
  Great Milenko, wave your wand
  Don't look now, your life is gone
  This is all because of you
  What you got yourself into
  [Violent J]
  Look who's next it's Mr. Clark
  The dirty old man from the trailer park
  You got your ticket? Thanks take your coat off
  And later on, why not, I'll rip your throat off
  "Lets take a walk down the hallway
  It's a long way it, it takes all day"
  And when you get to the end you'll find a chair
  You see all the blood, yeah your boy was just here
  We get all different kind of people comin through
  Richies, chickens and bitches just like you
  In the Halls everybody gets a turn
  To sit and witness your illusion before you burn
  [Shaggy 2 Dope]
  What do we have here, oh yeah, no way
  It looks like your kids and they okay
  Your daughter's chillin up in college top grade
  And your son's a fuckin doctor, phat paid
  They got families and kids and it's all good
  They even coach little league in the neighborhood
  Is this true have ya really seen tha holy ghost?
  Nah, bitch, not even close!
  [Violent J]
  Back to reality your son's on crack
  And your daughter's got nut stains on her back
  And they both fuckin smell like shit
  And live in the gutter and sell crack to each other
  When they were kids you'd beat em and leave em home
  And even whip em with the cord on the telephone
  And that reminds me man hey ya gotta call
  Watch your step to Hell...it's a long fall!
  [Chorus (2x)]
  [Violent J]
  Ah, it's time to pack up and move to the next town
  But we forgot Mr. Bigot, okay, dig it
  We can't show you an illusion cuz we're all packed
  But I'll still cut ya neck out, hows that?
  [Chorus (4x)]

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