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Innerlude - I Don't Want To Go On

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(girl since you been gone, just wanna say listen...)
  Last night I said somethings I didn't mean to say
  Somehow I let my pride get in the way
  And I'm so sorrie (sorrie for hurtin you girl)
  I know I was wrong but if you just give meeh one chance
  I'll make it up to you, do anything you ask meeH to...
  1- Cuz I don't wanna go on
  With out you in my life
  I'd make any sacrifice for you
  Do anything you ask meeh to
  *Repeat 2x*
  Last night I laid awake, I couldn't stop thinking of you
  I must have callled you a thousand times
  But I couldn't get through, Ohhhhhhh....
  So much is going through my mind
  (Did I really loose you this time?)
  I just wanted you to come back home,
  Iince you been gone, I haven't been the same
  I would do anything
  *Repeat 1, 2x*
  I realized how much I really need you in my life
  Cuz with out you here, my life is incomplete
  Lady you are my destiny.
  *Repeat 1, til end*

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