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InMe - Trenches

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I can't be here anymore,
  Because I want my lifelong dream,
  You made it all for me I'm sure,
  But moving on is my redeem,
  It's never happened to me before,
  I hope you feel the same way too,
  I can't do this anymore,
  It's such a shame I'm nothing,
  This is the way we play,
  When we want to speak but we're hating someone else,
  This is the way we live,
  Even though it causes me to choke,
  You are the drug I take when I haven't got any others on the floor,
  This is the way I love,
  And I'm just a drunken body with no open sores,
  This is all my fault,
  I can't be here any more,
  I don't want to cry,
  Sucking out the poison when you know that is good for you,
  Now I've changed the page has turned,
  And that was never meant to be,
  I'm out of place, my heart still burns,
  But not for your bad memories,
  Peeling leeches off my heart,
  It's getting colder in this flesh,
  I can't sing this anymore,
  Celestial skies have faded,
  Let's all kill ourselves again...

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