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Initial D - Maybe tonite

Tekst piosenki:

   Everytime you let me down
  I realise how much I care
  Baby recall all the time you leave my heart
  I feel lonely night and day
  (I) want to belong to your little paradise
  And be your lucky angel, darling
  Up in a sky a morning star
  I can express my best desire!
  Maybe tonite... you will open your heaven's door
  And you'll realise again how much I love you, man
  Maybe tonite... I will believ in me more and more
  And you'll be glad to get into my honey life
  Mybe tonite... I will ove you so tenderly
  Time after time, you see, I need your precious time
  Maybe tonite... you will follow my destiny
  Don't be afraid, my love, I will be close to you
  Happiness surrounds my life
  Everytime I see your eyes
  Never again I can live without your love
  'Cause I need you till the end

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