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Ini Kamoze - Hole in the pumpkin

Tekst piosenki:

   There's a hole in the pumkin
  This must be Halloween
  And if it wasn't one thing
  This Dread would scream
  I'm telling you something
  About this system
  If it ain't one thing
  Tis eleven others
  Don't think I'm joking
  S'not what I'm smoking
  Just that the money not running
  Ask Mamas and Papas
  Heard a voice saying Dreadlocks, Wha!
  Whatcha talking bout
  S'not a fiction it is a fact
  From the horse's mouth
  Them elements rockin'
  Me little boat on the sea
  Now I catch them playing politics on me
  They had me struggling
  So I started juggling
  Then them come meddling
  In I man business
  A don't want no DoDo
  Come treat me like yoyo
  And when me life get soso
  They run away to Accapulco

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