In Flames - System

Tekst piosenki:

  I cannot frame, that's why I lose control
  I aim, I stumble and I fall
  Our adaptation can't be faithful
  Your world does not attract me
  This is the end you see
  There is no more truth in me
  As if you would deserve it
  You are my enemy
  I can't ignore the way you make me bleed
  I hate when you throw my thoughts against the wall
  Got to wake up and make a stand
  The desperation forces another mistake
  I count again
  I know who to blame
  My life in vain
  Who said I was sane?
  Follow your instinct
  It usually takes you home
  Don't let these words tear you down
  You see me hanging
  By the end of the rope
  I tell you...
  Slow I go
  And the wait seems to be over
  All that I know
  Is that my life has become such a waste for you
  I blame and run, sadly all too often
  I dive into the day without your sympathy
  I tend to try but lack the focus
  Becoming a distant memory
  What once was is quickly forgotten
  All wrapped up inside
  Delete all resemblance
  I feel your relief

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