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In Flames - Lunar strain

Tekst piosenki:

   For there is a purpose and reason
  Beyond all human apprehension
  The shrieking silence in the blackness of space
  For there is a knowledge more complex
  Than life in this planet
  A knowledge in lune with the progress of stars
  Lunar strain
  All across the milky way
  Life suffers defeat
  Life that once was treasured
  What once was nothing
  Has blossomed into form
  Once it was I that was nothing
  But now they say I will die
  All across the galaxy
  Life suffers defeat
  Lunar strain
  From nothingness to reality
  As we see it
  From nothingness to life
  My dismal tears of anguish
  Bleed into one with the songs of my heaven
  Loneliness is pain
  Emptiness his power, loneliness his pain
  Serenity his might
  Yet we shall be honoured
  in the starforsaken night
  Astral strain
  All around my silent moon
  Life suffers defeat
  Astral strain

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