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In Flames - Graveland

Tekst piosenki:

   (Jesper, Glenn)
  Mankind - proud conqueror and king
  swings its flag of primal glory to the winds
  Titans of the power-myth that failed
  Neanderthal hunger for the flash of war so frail
  So weak, so hollow-minded
  the primat flock responds
  the jester race submits
  For each day of war is a failure for man,
  enslaved to her mordial genes
  Illusions bleed from their fetid cores,
  bent to their rotten extremes
  We, the plague of Terra Firma,
  nature,s grand and last mistake
  plant the poisoned seed of cancer,
  set the severed fruits awake
  Burning like frozen relics
  in god's archaic graveland
  Burn the visionaire
  Kill the ideologies
  Mankind Must Die
  The doves and the angels return to their graves
  with flames on their pestilent wings
  while mushroom-clouds haunt their virginwhite skies
  to rape their utopian dreams
  Living the last days of evolution's end
  from the nest of humanity, the graveland vultures rend

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