Teksty piosenek / I / In Flames

  Another day in quicksand

  Artifacts of the black rain

  As the future repeats today

  Behind space

  Black & white

  Borders and Shading

  Brush the dust away

  Bullet ride

  Clad in shadows

  Clay man

  Cloud connected

  Coerced coexistence


  Dark signs

  Dawn of a new day

  Dead eternity

  Dead god in me

  December flower

  Dial 595-Escape

  Dismiss the cynic



  Embody the invisible

  Episode 666

  Everlost (part I)

  Everlost (part II)

  Everything counts

  Evil In A Closet

  Food for the gods

  Free fall

  Goliaths disarm their Davids



  In Flames

  In Search For I

  Insipid 2000

  Jester script transfigured


  Like you better dead

  Lord Hypnos

  Lunar strain


  Metaphor (deutsche)



  Morphing into primal

  My sweet Shadow

  Only for the weak

  Ordinary story

  Ordinary story (deutsche)

  Pinball map

  Reroute to remain


  Resin (deutsche)

  Satellites and astronauts

  Satellites and astronauts (deutsche)


  Scorn (deutsche)

  Square nothing

  Square nothing (deutsche)

  Stand ablaze


  Strong and smart (deutsche)


  Suburban me

  Superhero of The Computer Rage



  The hive

  The jester race

  The new world

  Touch of red



  Upon an oaken throne

  Watch them feed

  Worlds within the margin

  Zombie inc

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