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INDK - Sunday Bombs

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Travel into another country and you'll find
  Americans aren't looked on so kind
  This country was founded upon common need
  Now the foundation is common greed
  And as the book gets filled
  Our neighbors around the world are killed
  And we're looked upon with hate
  As we make the world our police state
  Sunday Bombs
  We're up in arms
  Dinner's done
  Apple pie has won
  The idea that Americans are banned from other nations
  Seems to me a clear indication
  We're spoiled to death in this land
  Death is the deck and we're dealing out hands
  There's no need to bluff because everyone sees:
  We've got cards up our sleeves
  I wish I could say we had not gone astray
  From the term that was coined the American Way
  But now Freedom and Liberty are just a catch phrase
  To sell products endorsing our wars underway
  Sunday Bombs
  We're up in arms
  Dinner's done
  Apple pie has won
  The idea that America was founded on revolution
  Seems to me a clear delusion

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