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INDK - Living With Even LES

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Second time around the shit gets iller
  Livin in a world full of filler
  Few are true - the rest are killers
  Arsonistic - Burnin down the old way, buildin up a new day
  Optimistic - But I'm full of nihilistic blood
  I never needed love 'cause for the place I live I feel enough
  Just try and make a march on my home
  You'll find me chained to the building quite unwilling
  Where would we go?
  I think it's safe to say that I don't know
  'Cause someday we'll be going home to find we don't have any home at all
  Any day they'll section off our block with riot gear and come evict us all
  Today - the Lower East Side is yuppified with fat cats and their poor folk hide
  Someday maybe we will re-emerge from East River a turning tide
  And avenue by avenue we'll take back everything we knew
  The gardens, the squats, and all our share
  We'll even take back Tompkins Square
  I've got something of a problem with the nation
  It's called gentrification
  Marching to our heighborhood to lock us in the station
  How many blessings can I count? There are too many to amount
  But deep in suburbia men are being trained to come into my neighborhood &
  Take over the Avenue
  The brutal truth of it all is that the brute dollar strength will be our fall
  Tanks in the street, ghetto birds in the air
  Snipers on the rooftops and a nod from the mayor
  I have no future anymore - I'm waiting for imminent war
  Wish I could say I was waiting for the sun
  But I know eviction day will come
  & we'll be deafened by the money drum
  Pushing the poor off-shore

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