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INDK - East Coast Rising

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Atlantic swellin up
  Crash on the sand like a super-nova
  Fillin up my heart the cup
  Never stopping, running over
  So many cities crushed together
  I-95 and a coastal tether
  New Orleans up to Boston we got everything that's awesome
  Think I'll stay
  I never knew the way
  But what can I say - this shit's okay
  & family led me to this place
  Like a dead man I vanish with no trace
  East coast mantle protection policy
  We take care of each other
  'Cause that's our way
  Am I wrong or am I right -
  Atlantic wins tha fight tonite
  Hard core, rugged and raw
  In tha streets of NY we still be workin above tha fuckin law [-Skwert]
  Anyone who says the east it least
  Obviously has not met the beast
  Even though you got Californication
  Vertical seaboard up and down
  I think it's clear who wears the crown
  East coast mantle protection policy
  We stick together cause that's our way
  Even if the world stands against us in the end
  We've got everything it takes to stand and defend
  All hail to the East Coast Allies
  All hail to the land of the sunrise

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