Teksty piosenek / I / Indigo Girls



  All along the watchtower

  American tune


  Another on the rise

  Anyone but myself

  Back together again

  Bartender's blues

  Beauty to disaster

  Become u

  Bitter root

  Blister in the sun

  Blood & fire

  Burn all the letters

  Bury my heart at wounded rnee


  Carolina in my mind

  Carry me away

  Cedar tree

  Center stage

  Chiapas bound


  Christmastime in Washington


  Closer to fine

  Cold as ice

  Cold beer and remote control

  Collecting you


  Crazy game

  Cut it out

  Dead man's hill

  Don't give that girl a gun

  Draw the line

  Erase the pain

  Everybody's waiting

  Everything in its own time

  Falling star

  Fare thee well

  Faye tucker



  Get out the map

  Get together




  Gone again

  Hammer and a Nail

  Hand me downs

  Heartache central time

  Hey Jesus

  Hey kind friend

  History of us

  House at pooh corner

  I don't wanna know

  It's alright


  Jonas & Ezekial

  Keeper of my heart

  Kid fears

  Land of Canaan

  Language or the kiss

  Leats complicated


  Left me a fool

  Let it be me

  Life's so strange

  Love's recovery

  Love will come to you

  Make it easier



  No way to treat a friend

  Nueva senorita


  Peace tonight

  Philosophy of loss

  Power of two

  Prince of darkness

  Problem child

  Pushing the needle too far



  Romeo & Juliet

  Scooter boys

  Secure yourself

  Shame on you

  Shed your skin


  Soon be to nothing

  Southland in the springtime

  Strange fire

  The ballad of squeaky fromme

  The girl with the weight

  Thin line

  This train revised

  Three hits

  Touch me fall

  Tried to be true


  Virginia Woolf

  Walk away

  Water is wide


  We are together

  Welcome me

  Wood song

  World falls

  You and me of the 10 000 wars

  You left it up to me

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