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Incubus - Mortify

Tekst piosenki:

   Alone in their destination
  Wandering thru this violent life
  A part of all misconception from their past
  And now thrown out to the street to rot
  Painful screams never heard
  Hung on the wings of death
  Germs are what they seem
  For the rich they have no need
  Left in the cold in crucial places
  Feeling the horrors of real life
  Places to places, no where to go
  Agonizing pain and no one seems to care
  Trying to revive 'em for a higher place
  But no one seems to give any support
  They hear their torment call
  Disarmed from an endless war
  Aimed by all kinds of poverty
  Vagabonds you will find in all types of societies
  Resting in the underground of this materialistic inferno
  In hostility of human injustice
  They are living in a world of darkness
  In which the light seems far away
  No justice
  Blamed for someone else's deeds
  Because they are poor
  Treated harshly
  Is this what they call the advancement of mankind
  Why men want to rule the space
  While they can't even solve the problems of the earth
  So much said, but so little done
  Blinded and devoured by our greed
  Facing all the worries of our minds
  We can't feel what is happening in the world around us
  Turbulence is the reasons which we all must face
  Crossing the line of stupidity and discrimination
  Is one of the reasons which makes us ignore
  The actual state of the moribund
  Breaking down their hope to pieces
  Destitution increases in front of their own miserable lives
  [Repeat chorus]
  Days passed
  Injured ones dying fast
  Marsh temperatures
  The whips of cold winds
  Are frosting their bodies on the attack
  Feeling the rigor mortis stage alive
  Reaching to the ultimate muscular paralysis

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