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Imperanon - Vein (I bleed)

Tekst piosenki:

   The old scars ripped open yet again
  See me falter and see me fall
  Watch me from the distance, sky growing darker
  Gripping reality as I feel I'm slipping away
  Every painful moment I bleed to fulfill
  the sky painted with blood deeper still
  Grey days and dark nights blending together
  It seems this pain was made to last forever
  Watch me from the cover, clouds getting darker
  Opening the wounds, letting my blood run wild
  The sun rises again to greet the pain
  To sear my flesh, to open my vein
  I waste no time for the madman's hope
  Every passing day feeling closer to the rope
  The ancient scars ripped open yet again
  I will falter but I won't fall
  Watch me from the shadows, Sky growing brighter
  Spilling the life that runs cold inside of me

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