Imperanon - The end

Tekst piosenki:

   I've never walked this path before, I have never felt so cold.
  I've always wanted to lose control if I'm forced to believe to
  Looking through these lost eyes, I yearn to lose myself,
  Give me Your weakness, so I couln't go on.
  Last wish for hope, is lost and gone,
  Truth is dead, only silence is left.
  I have searched for You a few times,
  Fine wine is my blood.
  I'm too tired to travel alone too afraid of being scared.
  This endless night inside me, my heart has lost all will.
  No need to be saved by those, who want to bind my eyes.
  Observing through a broken mirror, my life has come to its end.
  Lost in the mind of insane, in the dreams of my fears.
  Loved by those who can only hate my, my love.
  The end is near my hate will flourish,
  With candle seas in my eyes.

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