Imperanon - Stained

Tekst piosenki:

   Blinded by a betrayel scene,
  No one there to keep my trust
  All these serpents in my head,
  make me see what I must
  Scarred heart and wounded mind
  My own blood now stains my hands
  Fueled with rage, to stand and fight,
  I will be the last who stands
  Haunted by a murder scene,
  My weakness was my only hope
  Broken alliance, broken trust,
  From now on I live for myself
  Battered heart and hollow mind,
  My revenge became my world
  I regret not things I've done,
  Alone I stand, still I hurt
  I have no love for life anymore,
  I no longer believe in the world
  Put your life in the hands of another
  And you sure will lose it all
  I will not break down and crumble,
  Now that I've found my strength
  Show me the error of my ways,
  And I will laugh at your face
  I will not give in and stumble
  Now that I see right through you
  Try to make me change my way
  And I'll show you the reasons why

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